Misprison of a Felony- Federal
18 U.S.C. § 4
Title 18, United States Code, Section 4, makes it a crime for anyone to conceal from the authorities the fact that a federal felony has been committed. [predicate offense] is a federal felony.
For you to find the defendant guilty of this crime, you must be convinced that the government has proved each of the following beyond a reasonable doubt:
First: That a federal felony was committed, as charged in Count of the Indictment;
Second: That the defendant had knowledge of the commission of the felony;
Third: That the defendant failed to notify an authority as soon as possible. An “authority” includes a federal judge or some other federal civil or military authority, such as a federal grand jury, Secret Service or FBI agent; and
Fourth: That the defendant did an affirmative act, as charged, to conceal the crime.
Mere failure to report a felony is not a crime. The defendant must commit some affirmative act designed to conceal the fact that a federal felony has been committed.

The court must charge on the underlying offense if it is not set forth in another count.
18 4 
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